May 27, 2024


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Consistency - Is it Key?

Consistency – Is it Key?


Oscar Wilde is famously quoted as expressing “Consistency is the past refuge of the unimaginative.” I get sucked into reading these daily quotations, and I seldom concern them. Who am I to disagree with Oscar Wilde?


Yet, I cannot imagine an artwork job that does not gain from regularity. By its really definition, consistency implies repetition of the behaviors that line up with a longterm eyesight. That has to be very good for artists, suitable? Feel of all the wonderful success we creatives get if we are constantly practicing our craft, advertising and marketing our artwork, networking with other artists and collectors and brokers, recording our journeys, etcetera. Each and every element of my artwork marketing approach will put up with if I am not constant.


So what was Oscar chatting about?


Scholars say he intended that if you are not innovative, you will take consolation in getting steady, pursuing routines, and executing the very same thing all the time. You will have no reason to do everything authentic. Perfectly, duh! Give me the formula, the recipe for a thriving artwork job. I want to stick to it and be snug. Originality frequently comes with a large amount of soreness.


Regretably, there is no single formulation for building the next Mona Lisa. If there was, we would all be in the Louvre. But, considering the fact that we are all imaginative Simply because we are artists, I hope you will humor me and entertain this rebellious imagined. It’s possible, just probably, there is price in making unique artwork, but regularly doing work a set technique to current market and promote that artwork. Possibly the time to get creative is when that method stops doing the job for you.


Clint Watson just lately wrote a Good Artwork Sights write-up about the mere exposure impact. Persons are really hard wired to remember what they see and expertise continuously. Artists and paintings that are well-known have constantly been in the community eye.


I have a buddy who has a profession that spans many years, painting commissioned portraits. He has never ever had an agent, under no circumstances been in a gallery. He painted real looking portraits in searching malls by way of the 1970’s and 1980’s when the gallery model was the most well-liked way of accomplishing business for most of his peers. He consistently painted and promoted and taught workshops, tweaking the things that he essential to over the several years. Now, he is just one of the most profitable portrait artists I know. He was almost nothing if not constant, but he did things his personal way.


1 marketing and advertising prepare quite a few artists adhere to is to build a dependable system of do the job, be it for a present or their portfolio. I know somebody who paints lovely florals, but they only write-up their portraits since they want to be recognized 1st and foremost as a portrait artist. Regularity is part of their marketing and advertising method.


I would argue that owning a to-do list of dependable tasks has served me well in my artwork profession. The record has adjusted above time, as my expertise and the venues I exhibit at have grown. The improvements are typically little ones on the other hand. I consider that most of you would create a listing equivalent to mine, so I assumed I would share it in this article now.


Forgive me Oscar Wilde, for I have been continually performing these items because I 1st considered to generate an art business enterprise program:


  1. Do the job a set program each individual working day
  2. &#13

  3. Make function in collection
  4. &#13

  5. Publish on social media on a regular basis
  6. &#13

  7. Publish e-newsletter every month
  8. &#13

  9. Enter gallery and culture displays
  10. &#13

  11. Go to networking conferences, artwork openings and zoom phone calls
  12. &#13

  13. Educate every 7 days
  14. &#13

  15. Do a thing just about every day to do the job towards more sales
  16. &#13

  17. Promote at the very least one artwork each day
  18. &#13

  19. Link with at the very least 1 other artist each day
  20. &#13

  21. Connect with at the very least 1 collector every week
  22. &#13

  23. Join with one of my venues each month
  24. &#13

  25. Perform each working day to boost my talent established
  26. &#13

  27. Mirror on and appreciate Each and every and Just about every working day on this art journey
  28. &#13

Some days I do the matters on my record superior than other people. And, I usually preserve my personal plans in head. A checklist with out an finish target is not pretty helpful. When it is not encouraging me obtain my goals, I want to change the checklist.


In my minimal corner of the art planet, consistency is extra essential than perfection. It just is.

What have you continually finished that has assisted you in your artwork career? What have you regularly completed that has hindered you in your artwork occupation? (I have one particular of individuals lists far too, but I will not be sharing it right here!)


If you know of techniques to succeed without the need of consciously currently being reliable, I would sure love to hear them.