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From Cameroon to Nigeria | Nathalie Djakou Kassi | Episode 874

Nathalie Djakou Kassi | Episode 874

Nathalie Djakou Kassi is a Cameroonian ceramicist practicing more than 30a long time with a number of team exhibitions in and out of Africa. Nathalie has been dwelling in Nigeria given that 2015. Nathalie is influenced by everything that attracts her interest and her performs are additional on carving with unique subject areas


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How does consistency develop a measuring stick for you to evaluate your previous do the job to your new get the job done?

When men and women praise you or like your function, like me, when I woke up in the morning I want to innovate, I now have this work so me I want to continue on to innovate. It is also surviving, not only financial but for the profession also to survive so that the more youthful types will be favourable, you know.  I come from a nation exactly where lots of ceramists have that difficulty of believing in ceramics. My goal is to add, to be ground breaking, innovative, so that the doorway is open for the kinds coming.

Does possessing the accountability of being aware of that you have to put up, does that generate you to be much more resourceful also?

Certainly. You know men and women get bored extremely speedy on social media. Men and women swipe pretty quick on social media so my target is also for persons to cease at least a couple of seconds and see what I post. There are so numerous factors to see on social media if you really do not submit a thing that continue to keep the eyes of another person for 5 seconds no person will discover you putting up your perform. So I do every little thing, I check out my best to continue to be ground breaking and imaginative.

Do you feel that remaining constant has helped you make your reputation?

Unconsciously, possibly. I consider. You know also since I get bored undertaking the exact same point. Like this mask decoration you see, people today think it’s the only one I have. No, I have lots of of that style, so a great deal. But mainly because of the desire I am making an attempt now to place individuals masks in distinct designs. I cannot cease these carvings due to the fact people today they like it so a great deal. I have to find a way to preserve that carving but in lots of diverse functions.

Why is it important to say applicable?

You know, if not, you will die. (laughter) They will not get in touch with you, they are bored, they are drained to see what you are executing. It is not eye-catching yet again. It is legitimate that I like demanding myself initial. I like exhibiting new items.

Does exhibiting up just about every day assist build bigger fascination in you do the job?

I advised myself each individual three or four times. I remember once I invested a prolonged time and did not submit. I have a emotion if you are not publishing they will take out your page from your followers. People that I follow, since they do not submit I have not noticed them once again. So even if they article again I will not see it. It is also to retain my site lively. It is also my main revenue, my major cash flow is earning on this account. I sell items through my inbox. every time I article they request me what I have obtainable.

Do you have a everyday follow that you have in location?

Sure, that every day exercise is in my feeding  because you know when you are entire body is not sensation properly you can not imagine straight, you are unable to even develop so in the early morning I have a ritual. I like taking heat water, sometimes with citrus, lime, I eat a whole lot of fruit. I am telling you like an individual is addicted to cocaine I am addicted to fruit. I simply cannot remain in my dwelling devoid of having fruit, banana, apple, orange, tangerine. If I do not have fruit that is in time I will have at minimum have my warm drinking water with ginger or apple cider vinegar or lime or kombucha.

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