June 13, 2024


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Issue 14: Environment hosted at the Maryland Zoo

Issue 14: Environment hosted at the Maryland Zoo

BmoreArt’s fourteenth issue is dedicated to the theme of Environment to forefront artists informing and inspiring social change, arts organizations creating intentional spaces for dialogue and healing, and institutions using their power not just to promote environmental health, but to enact it.

Issue 14 includes profiles on artist Soledad Salamé, whose work interprets scientific data with an emphasis on climate change, visionary farm-to-table chef John Shields, the Glenstone Museum’s cultivation of environmentally sustainable practices on their campus, as well as the interdisciplinary practice of artist-herbalist Alyssa Dennis. It includes physical spaces for art in Baltimore like The Last Resort and the Black Artist Research Space, and shines a light on The Neighborhood Design Center’s efforts to create sustainable spaces for creatives. This issue takes a look at the global conservation efforts led by the Maryland Zoo and will inspire you to use your resources to support creative efforts that contribute to our collective wellbeing as a city, state, region, and global community.

For anyone wondering how to receive an invitation to our next magazine release party – and we do this twice a year, each time at a location based on the theme of the issue – become a subscribing member at the Artist or Premium level!!!

Last Thursday, it was incredible to be in a room FILLED with people who know that we live in a city full of brilliant artists. Even after a decade of BmoreArt covering thousands of artists throughout the region – we still have not even scratched the surface of what is possible. There is never a shortage of talent here, but historically we are not a city known for properly recognizing and valuing our own artists and creatives.

We all know that, for every artist success story, there is an entire – and often hidden – network of other creatives, collaborators, administrators, supporters, professionals, and patrons – without whom, that success would not have been possible.

BmoreArt is no different. The reality is that it has been influenced and carried by a vast network of brilliant, kind, and generous people and we are collectively building something together that is much greater than an art magazine, greater than the sum of all of the parts. For this reason, a number of individuals deserve acknowledgement…

Thank you to all of the featured artists in Issue 14 for trusting us with your stories and for all the incredible writers, photographers, editors, designers, and illustrators who made Issue 14 so beautiful. Special thanks to Contributing Editors Rebekah Kirkman and Michael Anthony Farley, and publication designer Tony Venne.

Thank you to Jane Brown and the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation – for believing in BmoreArt when no one else did. Your confidence and generosity make it possible for us to do this work every day.

Thank you to Kirby Fowler and the Maryland Zoo for hosting this lovely event and including Winnie the African Penguin as an animal ambassador at our event!!! So much penguin love… Thank you to Harriet Dobkin and Classic Catering for providing delicious food and drink tonight along with the Baltimore Spirits Company and Guilford Hall Brewing, with beautiful plants from B. Willow.

Last, a HUGE and IMMENSE thank you to our core team – to Jeffrey Kent, Cleo Arbia Rose, and Ed Berlin. To our newest team member Inés Sanches de Lozada, to Aya Dixon, our Coordinator of Media Partnerships who worked tirelessly to cultivate support from a growing network of advertisers, and to Raquel Castedo, our designer-in-residence who has elevated our presence dramatically – in the form of communications, programs, gallery text, catalogs, and now – with brand new T-shirts and Tote Bags that were produced right here in Baltimore!!

The shirts and bags have been made available to all Artist and Premium Subscribers as a thank you for your continued support. If you’re not a subscriber at this level YET, you can become one or – you can also purchase branded goods directly from us tonight or via our website.

Thank you so much to our subscribers and partners – you are truly keeping us afloat in a time when regional publications are disappearing. What we are trying to do here, together, is unprecedented.

There is no economic model that exists for us to follow. What we are building together is something entirely unique and visionary and perhaps, at times, unrealistic. For this reason, we are beyond thankful for your support.

Cheers and we look forward to celebrating Issue 15 with you in May! Our theme for spring is Migration – so please email us with story ideas and pitches, as well as suggestions for the perfect venue for our next event.

Cara Ober, Founding Editor and Publisher


The BmoreArt team!!!!