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Juxtapoz Magazine – INTERWOVEN: Kiki Gaffney, Jim Jacobs and Anna Laurie Mackay @ Modern West, Salt Lake City

Juxtapoz Magazine – INTERWOVEN: Kiki Gaffney, Jim Jacobs and Anna Laurie Mackay @ Modern West, Salt Lake City

Featuring two not long ago-represented artists Jim Jacobs and Anna Laurie Mackay alongside longstanding represented artist Kiki Gaffney, Modern-day West is energized to existing INTERWOVEN. The exhibition will be on by means of November 4, 2022

INTERWOVEN provides together performs from 3 artists who intricately study organic issue and variety — from root to decomposition, and our relations to purely natural units.

Kiki Gaffney’s get the job done reports the translation from pure designs and structures these types of as trees to our societal relianceon grid-units and geometric style. Intrigued in the sluggish cycle of progress and decay, as well as the spontaneity of movement by way of elements of time, wind, or light-weight and shadow, her function is about observations of these natural and human-developed techniques, and in the long run the backlink concerning.

Grafting wooden with day-to-day-materials types like chairs, tables, and garments hangers, Jim Jacobs explores wooden as a metaphor for us. He writes, “Natural tree limbs are joined to milled lumber, wooden resources, home furniture, and human hair. I refer to these fusions as grafts. In the standard sense, grafting is a process applied to be part of two distinct crops, typically trees, to make them more effective. In my is effective, these grafted combinations—gangly, exquisite, contrived, fragile, and at situations self-destructive — are reflections on our peculiar marriage with the relaxation of the purely natural entire world.”

Anna Laurie Mackay’s tissue paper operates assemble and fragment purely natural landscapes the artist is common with. Conceptually, her work focuses on how she navigates the spaces she inhabits. “I locate myself continually compelled to look into my environment and my reminiscences, perceptions and connections to the actual physical areas I occupy, regardless of whether that is the area of the residence or the landscapes bordering me,” she writes.

As a result of using charred graphite to analyze decaying wooden, grafting wooden into domestic objects, and weaving tissue paper into landscape, each and every of these artists encouraged by the environment drive their procedures — acknowledging natural sorts as reflections of our human life, our roots, development, and impermanence. As we adapt to look at the buildings we adopt from natural systems, the operate of these a few artists asks us as viewers to confront that we are not independent from pure constructions and ecological styles, but interwoven with them.