May 21, 2024


Go Crack A Art

"Do you know how beautiful you are?" by Photographer Ashley Markle

Juxtapoz Magazine – It Goes to Show: Alvin Armstrong @ Anna Zorina Gallery, NYC

“I have always been competitive,” Alvin Armstrong told us this past Summer time. “I wasn’t the swiftest or the strongest, but I could always compete with the best because my character has generally been extreme. Even if I was clueless, I knew that I would perform like a canine until there was improvement. It was like putting on blinders, concentrating on what was in advance and going forward. When I did anything and was dissatisfied with it, I did not keep there—I just labored at it yet again till I was content.”

Anna Zorina Gallery is delighted to present It Goes to Present, Alvin Armstrong’s next solo exhibition with the gallery. The exhibit capabilities the artist’s most current sequence of paintings that depict a dear mate, Miles, in candid poses of dance performance. Alongside one another they use their chosen media to express a viscerally powerful, personal narrative.

 The painting medium sets the stage for Armstrong and Miles to sign up for in the circulation of storytelling, both equally become immersed in conveying uncooked, psychological depth by way of a loaded vocabulary of human body movement and shape. They equally have interaction their media with dramatic, fluid and intuitive gestures. Armstrong speedy strategy with dripping paint, and transparent levels of brushstrokes insinuate the promptly shifting flexes of muscle within the dynamic poses. The loose brushwork and clear layers of coloration are offset by Miles’ definitive intention and deep focus, the reiteration of his determine emphasizes the depth of the dancer’s target and drive. The tight aim on the determine inside of the confined house of the composition magnifies the rigidity of vulnerability and honesty. In the titular portray, “It Goes To Show” the matter can make immediate eye contact. Armstrong casts Miles with a single eye powerfully gazing again at the viewer, his dance supplies a protect guarding the intimacy of his artwork.