May 21, 2024


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“Peripheral Sun” at Vin Vin, Vienna

Juxtapoz Magazine – Matt Bollinger Is Near His Peak in “Off Peak”

Matt Bollinger is painting and animating fantasy and reality, at the same time. The figures them selves look to be in a suspended point out of reflection and dreaming, an escape but a person that is not very visualized or comprehended. When we have known as Bollinger a great American painter in the previous, or a excellent American storyteller, it was normally for what was off-the-canvas to what each character was on the lookout at. Are they seeing a landscape they never identify or one particular that they truly acknowledge much too very well? I think that is what moves me about Bollinger’s paintings: there is a unhappiness and honesty because what we see in entrance of us is a truth we cannot fathom to reckon or have denied. 

These are working class People in america, but also a dialogue about what comes about after perform. Off Peak, his new show at mother’s tankstation in Dublin, Eire, could be referred to as “off hrs.” The vacant storefront, filling up the tank at the gas station, the burning a pile of rubbish in the lawn, it all feels like a minute where by time is standing even now and time is traveling by. It is really all so plausible and nonetheless each person in the portray feels transfixed by one thing just much too much away to totally see. It feels like the perfect American story for 2022. —Evan Pricco