June 15, 2024


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Neon Assassins: Interview with Shidzaku

Neon Assassins: Interview with Shidzaku

This installment of the Interview with an Artist capabilities our very own Valeriia Tereshchenko aka @Shidzaku. A great strategy artist right here at Displate, she pays homage to the neon-lit imagery of Japanese cyberpunk with her jaw-dropping constrained fall series that hit our web site previously now. Come browse about her inventive procedure and how she stays encouraged.

How did you turn out to be a notion artist?

I have been drawing and playing laptop online games since childhood, and at 16, I understood I preferred to attract for a residing. I was passionate about artbooks and game strategy art and needed to produce a thing similar.

What are your major inventive influences?

I’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from Really like Dying & Robots and the artworks by Alberto Mielgo. I enjoy how he combines single-line drawing with shiny colours, comics/sketches, and distinctive brush texture combos. I’ve always tried to emulate his style.

The Golden Woman from Jibaro by Alberto Mielgo (Like Dying & Robots series)

Which principle project at Displate did you delight in the most and why?

I particularly favored performing on two minimal version patterns: Alduin from Skyrim and Hitman. They took a ton of time to full, but drawing them was a blast! It was the initially time I used unique brushes to create artwork from my favorite video games.

Yet another design I’m tremendous proud of is my Pouncing Tiger. It was shown in Displate’s Darkroom through the Assembly Gaming Competition, in which everyone could see it glow in UV light.

What was the inspiration at the rear of your Neon Assassins sequence?

Ghostly Trilogy LE Patterns by Aneta Chalimonik

My main inspiration was the Ghostly Trilogy of Minimal Version posters showcasing our appreciation of Japanese aesthetics. The figures of Ghostly Geisha, Ghostly Samurai, and Ghostly Ninja were created by my colleague Aneta Chalimonik. I required to give them a new spin, so I developed a Japanese cyberpunk temper board, drawing from different resources like game titles and motion pictures.

First phase sketches by Valeriia Tereschenko

I then recreated the aesthetic applying geometric, polygon-ish designs and vivid shades, and consequently my Neon Assassins had been born. 

Neon Samurai, Neon Geisha, and Neon Ninja
Neon Samurai, Neon Geisha, and Neon Ninja LE models by Valeriia Tereschenko

Is there any concealed this means to the series?

I desire to leave the interpretation of my artworks open up to the viewer. On the other hand, if you are intrigued in Japanese culture, you likely know that the Tiger (‘tora’) symbolizes strength, braveness, and safety, sharing many of the attributes of a Samurai. The Serpent (‘hebi’) stands for a divine curse and everlasting rebirth and could be connected with a Geisha. The Fox (‘inari’) is involved with cunning and fast wits, similar to the characteristics of a Ninja.

What do you like the most about your work?

My co-workers. We all do the job as a team, supporting each and every other reach our goals. We like art, so we normally get to geek out collectively about our shared enthusiasm. Not anyone receives to follow their interests at work, so I take into consideration myself lucky. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

I try to get a split from the laptop and ride a bicycle or perform the guitar. If my eyes are not way too drained, I could play some computer games.

What tips would you give to a person who needs to grow to be a thought artist?

Initial, explore the current market developments and make guaranteed you know the style of the gaming firms you’d like to operate for. Second, follow, practice, observe!