May 21, 2024


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Pizza Pizza ad campaign | Communication Arts

Pizza Pizza ad campaign | Communication Arts

Responses by Brian Murray, executive creative director, Zulu Alpha Kilo.

Background: The purpose of the Everyone Deserves Pizza campaign was to generate positive brand sentiment for Canadian chain restaurant Pizza Pizza by targeting and celebrating the vast spectrum of pizza lovers across Canada. If there’s one thing that can unite all Canadians, no matter their beliefs, backgrounds, music tastes or topping preferences, it’s delicious hot and fresh pizza.

Design thinking: Everyone loves pizza, but we recognize that every pizza lover is unique. To prove that we believe everyone (and we mean everyone) deserves pizza, we knew we needed to create work that could connect with all the specific and unique pizza lovers out there.

Challenges: Creating unique pizza pie charts that connected with a broad, diverse audience. With more than 60 contextually relevant pizza pie chart variations across everything from transit wraps, digital OOH, social media and programmatic displays, this was no small feat.

Visual influences: The pie chart. The campaign could not have existed without this extremely recognizable visual device.

Favorite details: We’re proud of the visual simplicity of the work, the cleanliness and appetite appeal of the pizza photography—but most of all, the copy. The wide variety of pizza pie-chart copy options targeting so many audiences makes the campaign versatile and endlessly adaptable.

New lessons: Writing each pizza pie-chart variation required learning about all unique pizza lovers across Canada. This required a few deep dives into the cultures and experiences of various Canadians from different cities and backgrounds, with various tastes, opinions and experiences.

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