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The Personal, Timely, Relevant Marketing Framework

The Personal, Timely, Relevant Marketing Framework

This post is by Clint Watson, former art gallery owner and founder of BoldBrush, recognized for FASO Artist Web-sites, the primary service provider of expert artist websites, the $38,000+ BoldBrush Painting Competition and the free day-to-day artwork marketing e-newsletter, FineArtViews. As a self-proclaimed “art fanatic”, Clint delights that BoldBrush’s downtown San Antonio, Texas business office is full of unique art, as is his house business. You can hook up with Clint on TwitterFacebook or his individual blog at clintavo.com




Marketing is tough.  To make a sale, you must arrive at individuals when quite a few problems flawlessly align:  You need to have to achieve people Exactly where they want your message, WHEN they want your message and the concept has to be Appropriate and Personal to their recent needs or wants.  This is what I am calling the “The Individual, Well timed, Related Framework.” [1]

In contemplating about how the “Private, Timely, Appropriate” framework strategy applies to artwork, I assume it delivers a beneficial context to understand why the next issues seem to be to be legitimate:

1.  Art galleries market much better than restaurants (extra pertinent)
2.  Art openings offer greater than “typical” times in the gallery (a lot more timely)
3.  Open studio gatherings offer superior than just “walk ins”  (additional well timed)
4.  Artwork sells greater when the artist is component of the conversation  (more personal)

I’ve spoken frequently about having conversations and telling tales bordering your artwork.  I’ve prepared about switching the entire world.  And, I experienced an full article about major your collector clan, which talked especially about e-mail e-newsletter marketing, which I think is a little something every one artist must be accomplishing.

But how do you start or grow or nurture a team of committed admirers?  How do you guide your “tribe”? 

By being personal, timely and pertinent.

You have to “be there” at the right time, and in the correct position to personally hook up with an individual, to start off a “discussion” (on-line or offline) with that person, and your intention, at that position, is not to market them your artwork directly (while it can be excellent if you do).  Your objective, at that issue of first contact, is to get permission to continue the discussion.  In the actual environment, this generally manifests by itself as permission to incorporate that particular person to your email listing, to incorporate them to your present mailing checklist, or probably even basically to program a comply with up telephone contact.

Here is an illustration:  Let’s say you paint landscapes of the New England location.  A local cafe proprietor approaches you and wants to exhibit some of your art.  So you cling it…and nothing at all (or really very little) takes place.  Why?  Because individuals go to places to eat to consume, not glimpse at artwork.  Context issues.

Your concept (the artwork) is not appropriate at the time the human being is feeding on in the restaurant, and it’s not well timed possibly.  So instead, you make a decision to present your artwork in a regional artwork honest more than the summer time.  Suppose there are a great deal of visitors in the spot in the summer time (escaping to New England to get out of the brutal heat we have in this article in Texas).  A couple walks into the artwork reasonable wanting for mementos of their summer months holiday in New England.  They see your artwork and they are now engaged.  Now, at this place your artwork is pertinent, it’s timely and it’s individual to them.  Your target is to get authorization to go on the conversation with this pair You want them on your email record.  You want them to be part of your lovers.  You want their permission to maintain chatting to them in the potential and demonstrating them your amazing artworks.  If you get that authorization you’ve got amplified the dimension of your tribe.  If you sell your portray, that is fantastic, be confident to get authorization to continue to be in contact with them.  If they get your painting, they’ll be even more fully commited to your tribe.  (Of program, make all affordable initiatives to market the artwork while they’re existing, in your booth, but whether they buy it or not, remember to get authorization to carry on the conversation).

Email Promoting


Earlier mentioned I claimed that your principal intention is obtaining authorization to go on a dialogue with your prospect.  And finding permission to send a prospect electronic mail messages is a potent device.  This is what Seth Godin phone calls a Permission Asset.  And, like Alyson Stanfield says, “Your call checklist is your #1 asset – if you use it.

E mail newsletters are so strong because, if you mail them to persons who have now provided you permission (ie you are not spamming), then they are virtually often personal and appropriate.   They are just not usually well timed.  Right after all, you are not able to know when your prospect is pondering about obtaining art, or when they have some “time to kill” and are in the temper to halt and go through your newsletter, or when they want to surf your internet site and glimpse at your artwork.  You simply just can not know if your electronic mail e-newsletter is likely into their trash folder or if it truly is heading to be examine.  

That is why, and this is an essential level, you’ve received to send your email e-newsletter normally.  You require to use it consistently.  When your prospect is in that mood to read through your newsletter…..then you have to have to be there, waiting around in their inbox.  And the only way to make sure that you are there is to send out your e mail blasts often – 2 times a month, or just about every 7 days, 2 times a 7 days, or even just about every working day. 

I the moment interviewed an artist who resolved to paint 100 portray in 100 times.  He sent an email newsletter each individual one day, that includes just about every day’s portray.  Even with a little record of subscribers, he bought in excess of 90 of the paintings and garnered at least 3 commissions.  Plus the project grew his email record even additional.  This project labored since when individuals were all set . . . he was there.  The actuality that this artist was emailing his list each and every day was driving gross sales of his paintings.  Because his messages were private, applicable…….and on the days that a unique admirer was in the temper, they were being well timed.

Remember, your make contact with record is your quantity just one asset…..if you use it.

As I wrote the previous paragraph, I recognized anything shockingly sad:  I never receive any advertising email messages from the artists’ whose performs I already have.  None of them even asked me if I desired to be on an email listing when I purchased those people artworks.  What a squandered prospect! Confident I could have long gone to their websites and/or requested it. . . but I did not imagine about it.  That just goes to present you:  do not be bashful – ask folks if you can include their identify to your e-mail listing. (And that goes double if they basically make a acquire!)

Base line:  Have conversations.  Start and improve an e mail record.  Use it often, even if it is compact.  In my following article, I’ll give you an idea to amplify your attempts and improve your email list even faster.




Clint Watson

BoldBrush/FASO Founder  & Art Fanatic



PS – You have to have a way to persuade enthusiasts to indicator up and present their email addresses on your web page.  You also require an effortless way for you to insert persons to your list.  And you will need an quick way to send out your newsletters that guarantees correct supply, guarantees right mobile formatting, avoids spam filters, clear away bounces, monitor open prices and many others.  We supply all of that in our ArtfulMail item, around at our sister site FASO.  Our members enjoy ArtfulMail, an electronic mail e-newsletter module developed proper in with their site, finely tuned for the requirements of main artists.  We also provide a host of other planet class advertising channels and tools.  You will not have to spend a bunch of extra money for a different electronic mail publication provider.  Arrive and give us a try out . . . it is the very same method the artist I talked about previously mentioned used.  It labored for him and it can function for you.





[1] This publish was influenced by a Seth Godin movie I saw yrs in the past, where he described that marketing and advertising messages only get by to men and women when people messages are personal, well timed and suitable.  I apologize, but the backlink to the first video no for a longer time operates.  This submit is a reworked and up to date edition of the 1 I wrote quite a few decades back.