June 15, 2024


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5 Quick Art Activities to Incorporate Writing in the Art Room

Can artwork teachers confidently incorporate inventive creating into lessons? Is there space for composing in the artwork space? Can handwriting convert into artwork? The remedy to all these queries is—yes! Incorporating creating into the artmaking system will benefit your students’ understanding irrespective of age or quality stage. Learners can discover a love for inventive creating and obtain assurance in their literacy competencies. You can aid them strengthen their producing competencies, make bigger connections, and formulate new concepts. Get your students writing in the art room with these 5 engaging art things to do.

These five brief thoughts will present you how to integrate creating into artwork and improve students’ crafting expertise.

These artwork and creating things to do are correct for 4th, 5th, and 6th quality, but you can adjust them for more youthful and older artists. The strategies enable learners to use their imaginations and get creative with their crafting and artwork.


1. Switch handwriting into artwork (Grades 3–6).

College students can incorporate their handwriting into a remaining artwork piece. This concept will come from the do the job of the artist Cy Twombly. Twombly was an Abstract Expressionist who utilised crafting and language in his artwork. His abstract paintings generally showcase poetry, scribbles, and distinct traces impressed by handwriting.

Decide on a distinct concept, these kinds of as faculty, group, art, positivity, relationship, or friendship, and assistance college students produce a checklist of relevant terms. Learners find one particular word and handwrite it quite a few occasions to produce a sample. Paint around the text with translucent watercolors or thinned tempera paints. To end, trace the textual content with oil pastels, pen and ink, or markers.

2. Create your personal Pokémon® Card (Grades 4–6)!


For this lesson, college students style and design and illustrate an unique Pokémon character. Their card will contain a visual impression as well as a created description of qualities and animal information. College students go wild above this assignment! You can even make far more interdisciplinary connections if you convey in science with kinds of electrical power and animal habitats.


3. Deliver quick composing prompts.

Are you unable to spare worthwhile course time for tons of crafting? No require to fear! You don’t have to design an whole lesson approach centered on creating. Look at out Literacy through Storytelling, a FLEX Selection entire of tactics for composing integration. The Mini Artist Statement is a amazing student-dealing with source in this Selection that scaffolds the reflective crafting course of action. You can also do a deeper dive into creating with these prompts. For even more recommendations, look at out the report, 3 Strain-Totally free Techniques to Deliver Producing Into Your Art Space.

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4. Style and design a print (Grades 4–6).


This interactive printmaking activity is a confident guess to get your college students fired up about the power of text. Present video clips and/or give written excerpts of popular speeches all through record. Facilitate a class discussion about distinct text or phrases that capture the essence of the selected speech. College students carve a phrase or limited phrase into their printing plate and generate a collection of prints using various colours. Discuss how color can impression the phrase or phrase.

This lesson is one more prospect to make interdisciplinary ties. You can spotlight historical connections by studying influential leaders and speakers from the past and present to present to your college students. Check out out the FLEX Lesson, Printmaking to Express a Concept, for far more tips and means!

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5. Illustrate a storyboard (Grades 4–6).

Pupils enjoy to publish and illustrate a tale. This exercise will assistance your students convey storytelling ideas visually. And the best portion is that the sky’s the limit! You can choose a fairytale, a people tale, or any inventive composing piece. Consider this option to collaborate with their classroom trainer to obtain out what pupils are studying in their ELA curriculum, and problem them to illustrate portion of the story or even create a sequel.

Assign each individual student a segment of the story. Discuss and exhibit illustrations of how to illustrate terms, scenes, action, and temper. Learners attract photos to illustrate their sections of the tale and assemble the web pages to type a storybook. Read the story as a course, keeping up the students’ illustrations for all to see!

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Employing composing into the artmaking course of action is enjoyment and engaging. We can use art to improve students’ composing techniques by incorporating literacy into art classes. College students can grow their vocabulary, strengthen communication, and exercise creating. In addition, they will make connections involving art, background, and literacy. Use these lesson ideas to obstacle your students to harness the electric power of phrases in their art!

How will you adapt your art projects to integrate writing?

What literacy techniques do you want to emphasis on improving upon this year?

What issues do you nevertheless have about bringing crafting into the artwork home?