June 13, 2024


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Cloud Backup Services for Artists and Graphic Designers

This article is a fast guide to different backup solutions you can use to backup the artworks and graphic layouts you have created about the a long time. Expert services mentioned below are kinds that I individually use or have used.

If you never backup your files, you should. You truly will not want to reduce days, months or even several years of your work, pictures of your holidays and beloved kinds, and essential files.

Placing up a backup services for your computer is truly really easy, easy and isn’t much too costly. Below are several backup solutions you can contemplate.


iCloud is a company offered by Apple that will come with a backup assistance and it performs excellent with iPhones, iPads and Macs. iCloud will backup almost everything.

iCloud is a regular monthly subscription service and the price ranges are as follows:

  • 50GB: US $.99
  • 200GB: US $2.99
  • 2TB: US $9.99

If you have many products, the on the web storage will be shared across individuals equipment and can be shared with family users too. I individually use the 200GB program to backup my iPad, Apple iphone and my wife’s Iphone.

Unfortunately, 200GB is rather simple to reach and the up coming tier is 2TB and is extra costly while nevertheless well worth the dollars if you calculate the per TB price tag, and really truly worth it if you share with relatives customers.

In the celebration that your Apple unit is shed, stolen or destroyed, you can get a new gadget and restore every little thing from iCloud. Your downtime is the time you choose to get a new gadget and have almost everything downloaded back again.

The draw back is when you have no obtain to your gadget, you also will not have access to your documents. You is not going to be in a position to obtain your information even with a different personal computer. If you require to access your documents with a further laptop even though your pc is down, check out out the a few expert services beneath.

Google Generate, Microsoft OneDrive and DropBox

These 3 on the net storage and backup companies with quite a few options for perform and collaboration.

These products and services can be set to sync with your computer system so the all your information are duplicated on the web. Based on your established up your backup solutions, they could or might not backup options.

In the celebration that your personal computer is down, you can nevertheless obtain your files by way of the web-sites of the respective organizations. In concept, if your personal computer is down, you can still go on with your work making use of a tablet. This is anything you are unable to do with iCloud.

Google Generate costs:

  • 15GB: No cost
  • 100GB: US $2 a thirty day period or $20 every year
  • 200GB: US $3 a thirty day period or $30 per year
  • 2TB: US $10 a month or $100 per year
  • 10TB: US $100 a thirty day period
  • 20TB: US $200 a thirty day period
  • 30TB: US $300 a month

Dropbox prices:

  • 2TB: US $9.99/thirty day period with yearly plan
  • 2TB for six people today (household program): US $16.99/thirty day period with yearly system
  • 3TB: US $16.58/thirty day period with annual approach

Microsoft 365 price ranges:

  • Personal 1TB: US $6.99/month or $69.99/calendar year
  • Household 1TB every single for six: US $9.99/thirty day period or $99.99/calendar year

Dropbox is excellent for backing up pcs with far more than 1TB – 3TB interior storage.

Microsoft 365 offers on the web storage with OneDrive and that’s wonderful for backing up desktops with 1TB or much less storage. Microsoft 365 also contains all the apps from Microsoft Business.

I’m individually applying Microsoft 365 Family strategy (US $99.99/12 months) and Google Travel 200GB ($30/yr) and iCloud 200GB ($36/yr). I’m employing Microsoft OneDrive to backup my pc and on line storage. I’ve the 200GB Google Travel for the reason that my email is employing far more than 15GB. The overall I shell out yearly for backup is $100 + 30 + 36 = US $166 or $13.9/month.

For backing up desktops, you are going to probably want the 1TB or 2TB options.

If you think you may possibly not want to devote the revenue, imagine your computer has just crashed, now go study the selling prices of details restore services. Just after that, visualize your laptop is stolen or went up in flames and no details can be restored.